Tips for Parents

We are committed to providing our services responsibly and we have compiled some tips for parents to help safeguard their children. Phone-paid services are an easy way to buy and enjoy products and services whenever you want. You can interact with TV programmes, receive news and travel alerts, give money to charity, and personalise your mobile phone with ringtones, logos and other downloads. We understand that many children have mobile phones to call a parent or guardian in an emergency. However, mobile phones can also pose risks such as harmful and offensive content distribution, bullying, etc. It's important that your child knows what services they can use and are aware of the costs involved with using any phone-paid service and how to make use of them without getting charged more than expected.

  • Be aware

    Children adapt to new technologies faster than adults, they are curious and are quick to experiment with them without necessarily evaluating the risks associated. The mobile phone is one such technology. Talk to your child about it and risks that it can pose. Your child should be aware of the dangers associated with the technology they are using, how to use it responsibly.

  • We appreciate that you do not want to intrude in your child's life too much and they certainly would not appreciate you snooping through their phone. Regular conversation with your child is perhaps the most effective way to gain insight into their mobile usage habits and to identify if there is anything that needs attention.

  • Searching for content

    When searching for mobile content via a computer or mobile phone, make sure your child does so with your permission. Explain that they should always read through and understand the terms of service and be mindful of the minimum age limits before attempting to sign up for a phone-paid service.

  • Minimum age limit

    We publish a minimum age limit on all our promotional material so we expect children who are under the minimum age to not use our services, not even if they have your permission.

  • Pricing

    Our prices are clearly displayed on all our promotional material. Although we make every effort to communicate the costs involved, children can get excited over mobile downloads and can overlook pricing and age requirements. It is therefore important to make them aware about what their phone can be used for and that they should consult you before using a phone-paid service.

  • Managing costs

    Choose the right payment plan and monitor your child's mobile phone expenses. If they are on a "Pay As You Go" plan evaluate how long the credit should last for. If they are on a "Pay Monthly" plan, monitor their bills and set a limit on how much they can spend. Discuss what restrictions can be put in place with your network provider.

  • How to stop phone-paid texts?

    You can unsubscribe from our services by texting the word 'STOP' to the shortcode. We will always send you a free of charge text message by way of confirmation. If the messages do not stop after you've sent this command, please contact us straight away.

    If you wish to prevent the use of our services on your child's phone email us at and we will make sure that the mobile number is barred from using our services in the future.

  • Not knowing who is sending phone-paid texts?

    It is possible that your child has opted-in for a phone-paid service and not told you about it. To identify the service provider sending the phone-paid texts, open the message and read it carefully. You will not be charged for opening the message but it is likely that the charge has already occurred if you have received the text. If the message is from us it will always include our web address or helpline number. If have you received a text from another service provider and are unable to identify them make a note of the short code and contact your network provider. They will be able to provide you all the relevant contact information for that service provider as well as advise you on how to stop the service.

We hope you find this information useful.