Frequently Asked Questions

How can I unsubscribe from the Boltblue Club?

You can unsubscribe from the club by texting STOP to the following number:

Please remember that you will lose any un-used club balance as soon as you unsubscribe.

I thought I was getting free download/texts but I have been charged. Why?

FREE / BONUS content is only available when you join the Boltblue club. This is clearly mentioned in our terms and conditions and on all our club promotional pages.

I do not remember my Boltblue login details?

To retrieve your login details, simply text PASSWORD to the following number

I texted stop message but I am still getting charged

If you texted STOP your subscription would have been cancelled immediately. However if you believe you are still getting charged by Boltblue, please forward a copy of your phone bill showing that a text message was sent to Boltblue on the day you believe to have unsubscribed. This should be forwarded to and must include your mobile phone number

How do I download content after subscribing to the Boltblue club?

To download content, simply text CLUB followed by the product ID you wish to download (for example CLUB 123456). The text should be sent to the Boltblue short code. Alternatively, you can login at our website with the user name and password supplied at the time of club subscription and download by selecting the content.

I have subscribed to the Boltblue club but my phone model is not on the compatibility list.

Most mobile phones are already correctly configured. The phone compatibility list is meant as a guide only, and is not necessarily based on the phone manufacturers' claims. Whilst we endeavour to maintain the accuracy of these details, different versions of a phones firmware for the same model may influence its compatibility. If you are unsure of your handsets compatibility please refer to the manufacturers handbook.

Boltblue has charged me but I do not remember subscribing?

To reconfirm how and when you subscribed to the Boltblue services, please email Remember to include your mobile number when emailing.

My query has not been answered?

The majority of the queries we receive are answered in our FAQ / Help section. However if you still have a question please email Remember to include your mobile number when emailing.